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How about STARGET service?[ 04-22 19:55 ]
STARGET has a professional team, after receiving your purchase orders, we will follow up and inform you the information about your orders timely.
What branches does STARGET have?[ 04-22 19:54 ]
STARGET has branches in CHANGSHU and QUZHOU.
How about STARGET products?[ 04-22 19:54 ]
STARGET products meet the technical requirements and Product diversification. Our goal is to provide high quality products with low price.
How to contact STARGET for business cooperation?[ 04-22 19:53 ]
Please click "INQUIRY NOW" and contact with our manager.
What alternatives to R-22 are acceptable and available?[ 04-22 19:52 ]
EPA has found acceptable a number of alternatives to R-22 that do not deplete the ozone layer. These include R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, and R-410A.
Most refurbished products are higher than R22 GWP, but why should we renovated R22?[ 04-11 16:08 ]
some products like R407C, R407A and R427A global warming coefficient values that can be comparable to R22.
After 2020, R22 can be purchased?[ 04-11 16:07 ]
No sales or use R - 22 of the ban, as long as the refrigerant is available, the service of equipment may be able to continue.
Refrigerant is dangerous goods?[ 04-09 20:15 ]
Now refrigerant generally has a good security Not inflammable, explosive, non-toxic, no stimulation, no corrosion resistance.
General maintenance in order to prevent ice blocking all want to add some methanol, what need to add, please?When to add?How to add?[ 04-09 20:10 ]
Ice wall after a day or two it should be plugged in maintenance, if capillary frozen added also useless, methanol is usually in advance to prevent freezing, methanol is not pure, with water, after joining the fridge or blocked.
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