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Product Name:ETFE Resin ET-52

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  • Ethylene - 4 fluorine ethylene (ETFE) is a new kind of fluorine carbon thermoplastic resin, is ethylene and polyflon under the certain proportion F40 resin, the polymerization generation are mainly applied in anti-corrosion lining. The material has PTFE corrosion-resistant properties of metal, it has unique strong adhesion properties, overcoming the ptfe for metallic not agglutinate disfigurement, together with its average expansion coefficient is close to the expansion coefficient of carbon steel, and the metal ideal ETFE become composite material, has excellent resistance to negative pressure characteristics



    Index  name


    Physical Performance

    Specific Gravity (g/CM3)


    Melting Flow Rate(g/10min)


    Melting Point ()


    Mechanical Performance

    Tensile Strength (MPa)


    Breaking Extension (%)


    Compression Intensity (MPa)


    Shore Hardness


    Coefficient of Kinetic Friction


    Thermal Performance

    Maximal Temperature of Continuous Work ()


    Thermal Distortion Temperature () (1.82MPa)


    Coefficient of Linear Expansion *105 (K-1)


    Electrical Performance

    Volume Resistivity (Ω·CM)


    Insulation Breakdown Voltage (3.2mm)


    Relative Dielectric Constant (1KHz)


    Dielectric Loss Angle Tangent Value (tanδ) (X106Hz)


















    ETFE is widely used in. Pumps, valves and pipes, plates lining, fillers, film, fiber, wire sheath insulating layer etc.

    Packaging, Transport and Storage:

    1). Packing in double layers polyethylene plastic bag, again into paper barrel. Each piece of 25kgs net each

    2). Storage warehouse and transportation process should keep clear auspicious, dry, presenting mixed impurity; it should avoid strenuous vibration and sunlight and rain, defend packing damage. To ensure that aggregates cleanness and products quality, the ban on the use of hand.

    3). This product should avoid under processing more than 370C, use, prevent toxic gases scattered.


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